Alessandro Niglio Innovation Manager | Alan Advantage



We can’t expect things to change, if we continue doing the same things.

Albert Einstein


A business model innovation enthusiast.

With his wide professional experience, he crossed different industries, affecting each one of them with his innovative touch, never compromising on multiculturalism and ethics in his business decisions.He graduated in mathematics and he’s passionate about History and Economics. He always believed in multidisciplinarity, which is also his strong point. Leonardo da Vinci is his role-model of an all-round scientist. He helps companies with an obsessive attention to internal and external processes, matching a customer-centric vision to the company’s organization.

Innovation, Science, Ethics, and Quality are the fundamental principles of his vocabulary.

Specific Expertise:  

  • Business Innovation Management
  • Change Management
  • IT management
  • IT Governance
  • IOC
  • Innovative companies and technologies
  • Processes analysis and re-engineering 
  • Research and Innovation Projects



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2) 2020 “Smart Working is Remote Working or Distributed Working?” 

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