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Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology

The biotechnology sector

Biotechnology is a science that studies technologies applied to biology, often to improve the quality of life. The best known part of biotechnology is drug development.

Drug research and development is a time-consuming, extremely expensive and high-risk process. Because of the high attrition rate, few drugs actually go to market.

takes time


high risk process

high attrition rate

Adopting artificial intelligence in biotechnology

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine to perform functions and reasoning typical of the human mind. Building on their definitions, it is clear that the relationship between AI and biotechnology is extremely delicate and bound to touch on deeply important issues such as the identity and nature of the human being. Alan Advantage is aware of this balance.

The benefits of adopting AI in biotechnology

The combination of AI and biotechnology provides many benefits, for example in precision medicine, patient stratification, and new drug discovery. By overcoming the difficulties of data quality, data management, and data governance, which are inherent barriers to AI adoption, the application of AI to genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics could make biotechnology one of the pillars of the next industrial revolution.





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Alan Advantage, AI and biotech

The artificial intelligence of Alan Advantage for biotechnology.

Alan Advantage applies a holistic method, for AI adoption. The principle is based on the fact that AI adoption is not only technical process, but also cultural process. In this process there are different components of technology and data level, and also ethical, strategic, human and economic level. Without this process, innovation risks not being sustainable.

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry requires a greater focus on data aggregation and sharing. This is precisely where the Alan Advantage network has a chance to stand out.

Just a couple of examples:

  • As datasets become bigger, and data itself becomes more interconnected, humans will be challenged to understand and retrace how an AI algorithm came up with the result. Explainable AI (xAI) centers around humans and human perception. This is in keeping with Alan Advantages RE:HUMANISM. RE:HUMANISM focuses on AI research for the relationship between human and scientific advances, and xAI the human can accept the results created by AI algorithms. Frontiere furthermore elevates AI driven innovation.
  • Federated learning, driven by the advances in the Internet of Things, stimulates data sharing collaborations across sites without compromising patient privacy data legislation, governed by e.g. GDPR and HIPAA. Federated learning promotes access to maximal data, while lowering institutional burdens of data sharing. In cases where there is a lack of sufficient data for an AI analysis at a single site, federated learning can outperform locally trained AI models. A variety of Federated Learning applications and configurations, can unify large datasets in healthcare.
  • With our colleagues at myBiros, we can address the problem of data trapped in paper or pdfs. If the data is trapped, it can neither be aggregated nor shared. myBiros applies a form of AI, called NLP, to extract and structure data and then prepare it for analysis.
  • Robotic process automation in pharmaceutical industry can significantly reduce the piles of paperwork, generated by prescriptions, contract details, CRFs, expenses, and inventory management. Data entry process automation is meant to ensure full legal compliance across all activities including inventory control, clinical trial information and manufacturing. Automyo has a no-code RPA platform that gives everyone the power to automate and streamline their processes by creating digital workflows between various business applications.
  • Pharma companies also look for data in the real world, the “real world.” KPI6 listens to social media in real time. Thus it can find temporal or geographic information of conversations about a drug. This data enriches the data that pharma already has.
  • Sensoworks specializes in connecting and monitoring sensors remotely. They have developed connected sensor for use as wearables, with the benefit of epidemiological monitoring. Using a sensor in a patch, it is possible to monitor the infection of Dengue and Malaria in real time, and to send this data to the patient’s smartphone.

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