We believe in the power of contamination

You can access to an entire range of skills and know-how that we cultivated and promoted through and with the startups we invested in and partnered.

Thinking Beyond Pricing

Premoneo helps companies to respond quickly to market changes, using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for effective marketing and sales strategies. Rely on our expert team and discover the potential of our cloud platform to develop pricing strategies, forecasting models, customers segmentation and much more.

Filo Tag is a small device that helps you find the important things, with the help of a simple app. Attach. Connect. Find.

In 2018 Filo presented Tata Pad, a device to mitigate the problem of children abandoned in cars. To date, Tata Pad is the only anti-abandonment device with 3 alarm levels for unparalleled safety. It is certified according to law and compatible with all child seats.

Oreegano, the smart community of recipes, revolutionizes the way we organize and share our food, bringing in every day life the mix of taste, nutrition and conviviality. Social network for the dissemination of culinary knowledge and nutritional information, used by nutritionists to be more effertive

Listen. Predict. Decide.

The Social Media Monitoring suite that helps you grow a data-driven business.
KPI6 software helps small and medium businesses be more successful by leveraging the Big Data from the major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Organize your University life: University, Books, Community, Discounts. Tutored mission is to be the greatest Student Hub worldwide: More than One Million students among Italy, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Spain, South America, are using Tutored services

Entando is the lightest open source Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for enterprise Modern Applications. Our platform harmonizes user experience across enterprise omnichannel applications, accelerating time to market and increasing development efficiency.

The first lending crowdfunding platform entirely dedicated to projects of energy efficiency.

Ener2crowd wants to revolutionize a polluted world, with new ideas and investment opportunities that can shape a more sustainable world.

The aim is to create tools that can help future generations to preserve the ONLY planet that allows us to live.

GreenVulcano Technologies was founded to provide innovative On demand, Cloud based service solutions to support Enterprise IoT use cases.
R&D Laboratories design, implement and support our products: Claudio, GV Pay and the IoT Enterprise Platform, based on the best-selling GreenVulcano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

An innovative start-up which certifies the exchange of information and products between same market stakeholders. Taggo is involved in Food & Beverage, Luxury and Consultancy sectors. Its flagship project is currently YHOP , the Italian craft beer platform.

Summ.ai is going to collect all the knowledge around specific sectors from different sources ranging from Social Networks to Linked Open Data to News channels.
All the data will be organized and analyzed to create a Global Social Index. We Collect data with market sector in mind.

A highly qualified team of young creative and senior marketing experts, supported by an international network of over 30 technology startups and industry leaders. In Hueval creativity, strategy and technology meet every day. Color, hue, tone: Hueval creates the perfect combination that tells your value. Its mission is in its name: hue is value. Creativity, strategy, design, innovation and reliability are their cornerstones. Marketing in Motion is their mantra.

Inkdome has developed an innovative matching algorithm that helps people find and exclusively connect with the best tattoo artists for their idea. Inkdome wants to become Europe’s # 1 guide for a quality, aesthetically flawless tattoo that exactly reflects the design people have in mind.

BEHONEST is an innovative social-oriented start-up, born from the desire to find a solution to the problem that penalizes deserving non-profit entities and slows the development of the third sector: the lack of TRUST. 

90% of startups are destined to fail due the lack of support after the first financing phase. We provide them Post Acceleration Tools and Support!

We also represent a soft type of insurance for all investors, spending quality time with their startups to make them accelerate the growth and scale up faster.

Askdata allows users to ask questions in natural language and get answers across different datasets.

Teams all over the world use Askdata to access their data, their way through natural language requests.

Automyo is an Italian startup born at the beginning of 2020 when it spun off the GreenVulcano Technologies group with an ambitious goal: to collect and strengthen the inheritance left by the IT process automation experts behind the product Claudio.

One of the main challenges in digitization is to have an homogeneous environment that not only won’t overstimulate the required effort, but that, on the contrary, will reduce it.

And that is our mission: to support you and provide the right tools in your digital growth.

RightsNow was born with idea of a team of media management experts to develop a comprehensive solution to all the outstanding issues overwhelming the music and culture industry. It does so with its platform for all the actors involved, from venue managers to artists, automating and simplifying overly bureaucratic tasks and processes and ensuring the producers and authors’ rights and royalties.

Sensoworks was born in 2020 as a spin-off of the integration software company GreenVulcano.

Sensoworks’ platform is a ready-to-use service for remote management and control of complex infrastructure that collects, monitors and interprets data from sensors linked to industrial equipment. Sensoworks’ point of strength is its ability to merge its advanced engineering skills with an innovative monitoring system, customized for specific projects, to give the customer a competitive, easy-to-use and complete solution for whatever they might need.