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Automyo developed a software that can be consider a virtual employee making every company leaner and more precise through automating processes. It simplifies the integration and execution of thousands of repetitive tasks companies have to deal on daily, reducing costs and making everything simpler and more efficient.


-Senior Data Scientist

Automyo is looking forward to expanding its team with an experienced Data Scientist committed to the analysis and modeling of complex problems through static and Machine Learning algorithms.
Key requirements:
3-5 years of proven experience in the field and the following skills:
  • Python development;
  • Libraries for matrix calculus, math analysis and, in general, scientific computation: numpy, scipy and sklearn, Tensorflow/keras;
  • Knowledge of Natural Language Processing techniques and methodologies. Libraries of reference: Spacy and NLTK;
  • Knowledge of data visualization. Libraries of reference: matplotlib, plotly and seaborn. Alternatively: d3.js (Javascript);
  • General knowledge of statistics and graph theory;
  • Inclination to work with wide and complex Python datasets, through the use of the main techniques (Predictive Analysis, Data Integration, Text Analysis, Web Scraping, etc.);
  • Design and delivery of proofs of concept for specific needs of prospect users, through adequate techniques and methodologies.


-Frontend Developer



  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies;
  • Proven experience with frontend technologies Javascript/ECMA Script6
  • Familiarity with HTML & CSS
  • Knowledge of ReactJS
  • Experience with Git


Nice to have

  • Express/Redux
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Sass/Scss/Less


Soft skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Dedication to the company’s culture and projects
  • Relevant communication skills
  • Keen to work in an international team

From 0 to 4 years of experience.

High School Diploma or equivalent / Currently studying / Bachelor’s Degree

Italian, English


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