Davide Gervasio personal bio | Alan Advantage



  • Management of innovative automotive solutions IOT with integration of Gps Tracking System, Fleet, Car Sharing, Can Bus products on vehicles
  • Technical Manager
  • Field Applications

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word: passion. Knowing how to do something good and satisfying.


Over 28 years of experience in the automotive And Home telematics sector, in particular my most important experiences are Edge Technical Manager at Microsat Ds Ingegneria Spa, Engineering Gps Tracking System, Executive Project dedicated for Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Ford, Land Rover, Toyota and start of the Secure home h24 project.

Car sharing Executive Projects: 

  • Edge Technology integrations Terna Rete

  • Italia Spa, Ald Automotive Spa.

  • Car sharing Executive Projects

  • IoT Verification & Validation

  • R&S Support

  • Reverse Engineering Can Bus

  • Development technical database veicols

  • Edge Development tecnology integrations

  • Dedicated wiring

  • Dedicated study and solution optimizations

  • Technical Support Help Desk instollers

  • Project Support

  • Integration and Testing

  • Dedicated hardware solutions